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September Blackbook Session at Studio Luevanos

Music, blackbooks, more stories, slaps, and ideas were being passed around for a few hours tonight at Studio Luevanos on The Alley Project.

People came and went over the course of a few hours as artists hit each others books, passed out stickers, and talked about people who weren’t there that would probably enjoy meeting up soon. 

Showing Layers

Layers are showing. Concrete, terrazzo, wood, blocks, bricks, and steel. A stroll around the inside of the building right now shows the foundations that everything we will touch and see in the new space will be built on. 

The last parts of the floor have been cut and broken up and the new floor will be poured and smoothed in the next few days.

The knee wall where the windows will rest has been completed. The aluminum framing on top of it will hold the butt joint glazed windows–where two panes come together at a corner without a pane. Floor to ceiling windows will run up to the end of the knee wall and expand across the rest of the front and side of the space allowing a lot of natural light into the space throughout the day. 

Tenant Space Progress

The tenant space is moving along as well. Since it will not be finished on the same level as the community space and office, it is perhaps moving along “faster” toward completion. 

The tenant space’s entry will be on Elsmere just behind where the temporary door currently sits and the unit is adjacent to the alley.

Areas that will contain the large windows letting in lots of natural light are now visible. Framing for the windows, an interesting process, is beginning soon. There are still some decisions to be made but weekly conversations and meetings are moving much of that along quickly.

Before we know it all the decisions will be behind us and we will all be inside together.