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Open Mic at Grace in Action

Grace In Action’s Open Mic Night regulars rehearsed and performed on their home court at The Alley Project tonight for a full house sharing live music, poetry, song, and dance. 

Tonight’s homecoming festivities come just two weeks after the closing of Cafe con Leche’s beloved southwest Detroit location. Open Mic nights were regularly scheduled at the coffee shop which was on Vernor at Scotten.  

The larger venue made room for tonight’s lineup to include some surprise action by a live mariachi band, Reyes, and two members of southwest Detroit’s own Awkward Theory. Grace In Action was happy to share space when the mariachi’s originally scheduled practice location was unavailable at the last minute. It all fit in beautifully with the scheduled Open Mic activities.

The Motor City Rockerz’ Autorockz came with two rounds of top rock, power moves, and footwork for all the guests to enjoy! All of the performances contributed to an evening to remember. 

Angel's Night 2015

Each year Young Nation and The Alley Project hosts an annual Angel’s Night event. The event takes place the night before Halloween which has become a city-wide rally of community involvement over the years. This follows years of Detroit’s struggle with an epidemic of crime and arson on Devil’s Night, the eve of Halloween. A plague that peaked in the mid-80′s led to efforts in the 90′s to organize and relieve the city’s neighborhoods of the horror associated with Devil’s Night.


TAP’s annual Angel’s Night celebrations merge themes of social justice, civic engagement, mentoring and honoring those who came before us, and children and family. These themes acknowledge the season of celebration and collaboration in the neighborhood during a week that hosts Angel’s Night, Halloween, All Saints Day, and Dia de Los Muertos. 

This year TAP’s Angel’s Night celebration coincided with Grace In Action’s Open Mic night and so were merged for an evening of food, entertainment, and family fun. A blessing was offered for the newly completed Healing Wall mural on the broad side of the building, located on Lawndale at Lane. Young Nation and Grace In Action’s constituents came together as their youth, artists, neighbors, families, acts and local entrepreneurs shared spaces and made memories together in the tradition of the themes above. 

Healing Wall at Grace in Action

The Healing Wall at Grace In Action is a mural commemorating the transition of the building from a funeral home to a community center. It was created through a series of interactions with neighbors and artists and explores themes of death, grief, life, healing, seasons, and community. Local artist-activist Sacramento Knoxx facilitated the mural development process with support from GIA and Young Nation and their artists. 

The mural is the newest addition to The Alley Project’s series of alley murals and serves to bookend TAP from GIA to Studio Luevanos and the lots. Freddy and Phil work on the mural together with apprentices while youth and neighbors drop in during several warm Fall days this week. The programming (community outreach, artists mentoring young artists, etc) and artistry that went in to this mural were made possible by our generous sponsors Krabby Painters servicing Metro Detroit with local Southwest Detroit employees and by El Asador restaurant right around the corner on Springwells! 

Plans for Elsmere-Avis Shared with Community

Young Nation celebrated with neighbors, friends, and partners on Friday. The plans for the Elsmere-Avis Plaza were shared and feedback was gathered as the project moves closer to beginning construction. Entertainment was provided by Raices Mexicanas, Motor City Rockerz, and DJ Clay and food was provided by Esto’s Garage. 

Southwest Urban Arts Mural Project Spends Time at TAP

SUAMP (Southwest Urban Arts Mural Project) spent some casual time at TAP this week as Benny and his son performed some routine maintenance to the benches.

fter work this summer several SUAMP artists have been coming over to paint and this time their instructor, Ms J, came with them.

She will be leaving Michigan very soon and her youth (and community partners) are grateful for the passion and excellence that SUAMP has displayed with her leadership.

ELCA'S Multicultural Youth Leadership Event Visits TAP

The ELCA’s Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (MYLE) visited The Alley Project today for some history, a tour, and workshop.

The youth are in town for the ELCA’s large gathering in Detroit this week that will have 25,000 youth from around the nation in town for workshops and service projects

Thanks for spending time with us and hope to see you again soon. 

A Beautiful Day at Open Studios

Had a BEAUTIFUL day at Open Studio today! Freddy came by to paint, Joyce tended to the gardens along the alley, Mary was inside the garage making smores, young participants put in work, TAP friends of old came through and even showed their younger siblings around, and peer-to-peer mentoring and positive youth-adult relationships were happening. Come out next week and be a part of TAP! Hope to see you all soon.

Intense Creative Demo
Yesterday the most (environmentally) problematic empty home on Falcon/Avis at  #TheAlleyProject  came down. This was following an intensive creative demo where as much as possible was salvaged from the home for use by others. Kobe Solomon’s skull tips it hat to the rubble where the house stood the day before.  #SWDetroit

Yesterday the most (environmentally) problematic empty home on Falcon/Avis at #TheAlleyProject came down. This was following an intensive creative demo where as much as possible was salvaged from the home for use by others. Kobe Solomon’s skull tips it hat to the rubble where the house stood the day before. #SWDetroit