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Studio Luevanos at TAP

TAP’s spaces and programs are designed to help build relationships between neighbors, artists, youth, and others. Many of TAP’s programs are naturally intergenerational because they are often in and about community… and communities are made of people of all ages.

At Studio Luevanos youth, parents, artists, neighbors, and elders regularly gather to share time, skills, and stories with each other. We believe when this happens it is some of our most engaging, critical work as it helps to build community and skills together. 

“I believe the children need to see people of their culture working with them, talking, listening, and interacting. I was one of those kids that did not experience people who looked like me doing things in my neighborhood. TAP provides a space for this.” - Mary Luevanos


Today was another exciting day at TAP.  We had smaller, tighter groups this week than last. This always lends itself to more intense one on one and mentoring. Thanks MUCH to the artists who came out today and lent a piece of themselves toward the development of people and places at TAP! You’re so appreciated! Paul Mungar, Mary A. Luevanos, J. Paul Krystyniak