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Community Meal and Preview of Construction Updates

Neighbors gathered at the building on Elsmere and Avis tonight to preview the construction updates and share a meal while visiting with each other. 

Each week various neighbors have been coming to the building and walking through the space to see the progress happening inside. Resident sneak peeks, walk throughs, Q+A, text message updates, and photos on the blog have helped to keep people up to date with what’s happening in the building. down the street from their own home. 

When the building opens and events are happening on a regular basis visitors will be a more regular occurrence. Our hope is that our informed/engaged neighbors are aware of what’s happening down the street from their homes and that they are proud of being gatekeepers of information through their involvement in the building development’s processes. 

Color Testing the Mural

This week Freddy applied a color test to the alley side of the building to see how the color palette for the mural would look on the building. During the construction meeting they talked about concepts and Freddy shared markups that show a combination of styles inspired by Tead’s gallery work and his street work.

The building will incorporate a fusion of those and Freddy’s work as a tribute to Tead’s vision for the building as well as his contributions to the scene and to individuals that he has influenced, including Freddy. 

Construction Team Field-trip to Diseños Shop To See Iron Panels

The construction team met with Diseños at their shop on Waterman to go over final revisions to the panels.

When the panel is complete it will serve as a template for the other panels to be created from. Each panel is a combination of 2-3 designs that will repeat at different configurations across the patio, over the windows, and inside the rest of the windows at the building. 

Second Sample of Iron Panels Arrives

A second sample panel was installed by Diseños incorporating feedback from the first panel in design and construction. The second panel features variations in the gauge of the steel as well as half circles plates to help visualize the finished product as it will appear in its final form. 

Today Mav from Motor City Street Dance Academy stopped by before the construction meeting to see building updates and also shared some feedback from his impressions of the panels. 

Closing Weeks Before Opening The Construction Meetings

As we enter the closing weeks before opening the construction meetings are much about timelines, complications, final decisions, and finishings. With the plywood off the windows there is a revealing look at the tenant side space. The natural light that enters the space intensifies later in the day. 

With the plywood off the windows there is a revealing look at the tenant side space. The natural light that enters the space intensifies later in the day. 

Decisions are being made about window sills and about the wrought iron treatments for the interior of the windows, the rear facing building windows, and the doors. 

Beginning Discussions About Mural With Freddy

We are excited to announce that Freddy Diaz, former participant and longtime mentor at TAP, will be leading the development and installation of the mural that will cover three sides of the building at Elsmere and Avis. 

Freddy, who is also a board member of Young Nation, quickly responded to the opportunity to install the mural after our good friend and mentor, Tead, tragically passed away this summer. Tead was Freddy’s mentor and close friend and he is honored to create a work inspired by the decisions that Tead had already made together with the Young Nation team. 

Diseños Ironworks, Young Nation, et al architecture firm, and Freddy met at today’s construction meeting to go over where things are currently in the coordination between the building, the wrought iron design, and the mural. 

Today Diseños responded to feedback to the sample frame that was installed a few weeks ago and Freddy is working to prepare a palette and initial designs for the mural together with the architects. There should be updates in the coming weeks for each to share. 

Panel Design Begins

Diseños Ornamental Iron designed, fabricated, and installed a sample panel in the patio space yesterday. They wanted to show us something that complements the design of the building and will also work well with the mural that will eventually wrap three sides of the building.

This morning they came by to meet with the design team. We had conversations about design, function, and how to address some of the trickier spaces around the building–tall doors, unique windows, the patio gates and so on.

Soon a final design will be determined and work will begin on creating and installing it so stay tuned! 

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation started a couple weeks back. In the tenant space you can see the insulation in the interior walls and the framing around interior windows coming together.

Today all of the drywall is hung and mudding and sanding has started in several of the spaces throughout the building. Its really starting to paint a picture of how the inside will feel when complete. 


Neighbors and friends play at the lot on Elsmere and Avis on the 4th of July.

The bricks are now primered gray in preparation for the mural to be installed. It will wrap three sides of the building. 

NOTE: Thinking we should turn this into two separate blog entries.

Concrete Pour

The thickened concrete slab for the front porch/patio was prepped, poured, floated, and trowled today.

Even the small details of the construction can be quite involved. Here’s a link to some step-by-step about how a concrete is poured:

If you live down the street you probably already noticed that the street was blocked. Please pardon our dust during construction. :) 

Some Windows Installed

Today the Avis side of the building was opened up and the retractable glass wall panels were installed. Also the doors on Elsmere are now in place and operational. 

Tomorrow the frames for the windows around the rest of the building will be here. 

With the plywood off and the glass up we are starting to get an idea of how open the space will feel on the Avis side. Looking forward to time spent on the porch with neighbors in the near future. 

Tenant Window Frames Exposed

The tenant space and its window frames are now also exposed. The shape of the windows is now starting to show, including where the butt joint glazed windows will be. This is where two panes come together at a corner without a pane. 

The brow (overhang) extends along the broad side of the building and tucks over the glass at its widest extension. A sill under the windows will give the appearance that they are floating over the sidewalk.

The brow will be clad in steel and will conceal lighting along the outside of the building.  

Revealing the Building's Exterior

The temporary plywood wall around the facade’s construction area was removed today revealing the building’s exterior. The light coming into the building here the same that will come in when the building is finished.

Window framing, brick work, the building’s brow (overhang), and knee walls are now visible from Elsmere. We are now also starting to see the windows’ and building entrances’ location and shape.