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Diseños Screen Installation

Diseños returned to the site today to install the screens, completed after several rounds of sample installations and feedback.

The finished product honors and will interact with the mural installed on the building as it complements the style and line work of Tead’s graffiti art.

The screens will also cast a beautiful shadow across the interior of the building and on the shades as a result of the amount and direction of light the building receives each day all year long. 

Fabrication of Iron Panels

Diseños Ornamental Iron is using the template completed last week to fabricate the rest of the panels for the patio and the windows.

Measuring, cutting, welding, grinding and smoothing repeatedly are all part of the labor intensive process that comes after design. This will bring the vision from an idea to the beautiful, artistic iron that will eventually be installed around the building. 

Construction Team Field-trip to Diseños Shop To See Iron Panels

The construction team met with Diseños at their shop on Waterman to go over final revisions to the panels.

When the panel is complete it will serve as a template for the other panels to be created from. Each panel is a combination of 2-3 designs that will repeat at different configurations across the patio, over the windows, and inside the rest of the windows at the building. 

Panel Design Begins

Diseños Ornamental Iron designed, fabricated, and installed a sample panel in the patio space yesterday. They wanted to show us something that complements the design of the building and will also work well with the mural that will eventually wrap three sides of the building.

This morning they came by to meet with the design team. We had conversations about design, function, and how to address some of the trickier spaces around the building–tall doors, unique windows, the patio gates and so on.

Soon a final design will be determined and work will begin on creating and installing it so stay tuned!