The Porch on TAP (The Alley Project) Artist Residency Program

At Inside Southwest Detroit we are transforming our new front porch and programming space as a portal for neighbors, youth, and partners to access the wider world of art.

A community panel nominates and selects local, national, and international artists for short-term residencies in visual, literary, performing, and multi-media arts. During each 1-to-4 week residency an artist meets with neighbors, youth, and partners at our new space to break bread, build relationships, share processes and skills, and create a public art installation in collaboration with the community.

Community Meal and conversation

Each residency features a community meal in honor of the resident artist.

The artist and a handful of youth, neighbors, and/or local artists get the chance to sit down with each other for casual conversation—an opportunity to share with each other about about their processes and aspirations.

Arts Skill-share Workshops

Resident artists facilitate 2-3 workshops related to their practice with participants from the community .

Participants work hands on with the artist as they learn new processes and skills in the artist’s area of expertise. Sometimes they complete a project with the artist and at other times activities build skills they can apply to ongoing individual or community projects.

Public Art Project

Artists create and implement a “public” art project to be shared with the community.

As each medium and practice varies so does the public art of each residency. Each project is responsive to the people and timing of the residency. The creation and installation/implementation of each project is documented and shared as a part of the residency.

We believe relationships are built when we allow time and space for people to explore and to share about what they love and why they do it.

The Porch on TAP artist residency program is designed to inspire the community to gather, build relationships, learn new skills, and create while welcoming people to the porch. Creative processes help us build community and increase our ability to meet our needs through the assets we have together.

The Porch on TAP artist residency program is funded with support from Knight Arts, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and the Surdna Foundation.